Multi channel access


being an old dinosaur I still use a vcr to record programs. converter boxes are only on one station at a time, and you have to physically change the station on the converter box to record that station, as opposed to analog that has always-on multi channel access that the vcr uses to record any channel programmed into it. I have been unable to find a converter box that lets the vcr automatically access any channel programmed into the record memory. anyone know of one?
the only one that I know of is the DishDTVPAL Plus but it is pretty pricey at around 69.00 the other way of doing this is with two converter boxes one connected to the VCR and the other to the TV you do this by using a spliter from the antenna to the two converter boxes.:)
Multiple channel recording

The Zinwell ZAT950A seems to be fairly good when attempting to record broadcast TV programs with a VCR. It can be set for up to 8 different recording situations. Since it merely switches between one station to another at the times you specify, one can actually record many more different sessions with your VCR (for instance, a setting for channel 8 would permit multiple recording periods during the day as long as a recording session on another channel was not scheduled during that time). The Zinwell can also be set to pass-through the signals from the antenna to a TV set while simultaneously allowing a recording on another channel. If your TV set is analog only, this will be posible only until the digital switch-over is actually done. After that time a TV set with a digital tuner will be required to watch one channel while recording another.

It is most convenient to program the Zinwell to never turn off (it consumes about as much power as a nightlight). That way the setting for the signal pass-through will not be reset to the default channel 3/4.

Note that it is still necessary to program your VCR for the actual recording sessions. The only difference is that you specify L1 (or whatever the video input is called on your VCR) for the input rather than the actual channel number. Of course, you will need a cable from the video output of the Zinwell to the video input of your VCR. You will also need a cable from the RF output of the converter box to the RF input of the VCR.