Multicasting Growth Stalls


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"If there's an elephant in the room this winter as the FCC considers how to repurpose more than 100 MHz of digital broadcast spectrum for other services as part of a national broadband plan, it could be the relative dearth of multicast channels among commercial broadcasters more than a year-and-a-half into the digital transition."

Multicasting Stalls, by John Merli


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I saw the article earlier and I'm puzzled by its numbers. I wrote a quick script to pull numbers out of my database and got this result:

393 NCE stations have 1290 subs.
1379 commercial stations have 2927 subs.
320 LP/CA stations have 621 subs.

I excluded stations which were translating other stations as per my database.

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So, they're disappointed by the lack of multicasting on subs? I'm disappointed also, but the digital transition was only about a year ago. I understand that, why don't they get it? In a poor economy, how fast CAN multicasting grow? In my area, there are only 3 channels out of 12 that aren't multicasting - 2 are LP, and one is independent. Some channels are limited to 2 channels if the want the best quality HD on their primary channel.

I really think the FCC just wants to make some noise about broadcasters "wasting" spectrum:
FCC Commissioner Michael Copps said in remarks earmarked for a broadband planning meeting in November that "it's no secret I have been disappointed that so much of the spectrum dividend that accrued to broadcasters as a result of the DTV transition goes dramatically under-utilized. I am not interested in pushing broadcasters somewhere else… but public interest multicasting remains, all too often, a concept—not a reality," Copps wrote.
Give 'em some time to realize the potential.