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Hi, I've had my account since 2009, and was looking at my bill this month. I have a question about line item two which shows I have three tvs at $7each, save $7 off of 1st tv. I called in May 2016 and cancelled my third reciever (no longer had a TV in the room), which based on the lease agreement and the bill I would assume it should say "2 Tvs at $7 each; save $7 off 1st TV" for a total line item two of $7. I questioned the bill, saying that I've been overcharged $7/month since May 2016 because the disconnected receiver never fell off the bill. However, I'm now being told that the third TV was always free and by disconnecting the receiver I'm not saving any money, because that promotion is no longer valid and now I must pay $7 for my first receiver and $7 for my second receiver. To compound things, now the agent says if I want to add back my disconnected TV it will now jump up to $21/month as part of the lease agreement post 7/24/14.

What is the fee agreement for a customer pre 7/24/14 for two TVs? Is it $7 or $14?

Below is the verbiage from the contract & my bill:

PART TWO: MONTHLY FEES FOR DIRECTV RECEIVERS, GENIE MINIS AND/OR DIRECTV READY TVs/DEVICES. Do I have to pay monthly Equipment fees? Yes, there is a fee of $7.00/mo. For each receiver and/or Genie Mini/DIRECTV Ready TV/Device on your account. For an existing customer with an account create date prior to 7/24/14 who has 2 receivers and/or one receiver and a Genie Mini/DIRECTV Ready TV/Device, the fee is $7.00/mo. For the 3rd and each additional receiver and/or Genie Mini/DIRECTV Ready TV/Device on the account, there is an additional fee of $7.00/mo. If you have an All Included Package with up to four receivers, Genie Minis and/or DIRECTV Ready TVs/Devices, there are no additional fees on the first four devices, and $7.00/mo. for each thereafter. Fees are subject to change at any time.



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