I've got a question. How many channels is each station actually capable of carrying now. Seems the normal is 3 but we even still have one station that's a single here.......just wondering.....would have been nice if each little high powered station was like a little cable station with bunches of different kinds of channels ones that had mroe specific advertising sales.


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Currently, KSCI (LA18) is running 9 SD channels -

Although there is some speculation about this station surviving the spectrum auction:
Speculation About Spectrum Speculation - RabbitEars Blog

I'd hate to see it go, it serves a large Asian population. Admittedly, 9 SD streams is really pushing it, I'm sure the video quality is pretty low, but this is a great example of the promise of multicasting. You would have to pay from $10 - $25 a month to add any ethnic "package" from a pay TV provider.


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The amount of SD channels in total is according to the video bitrate, to complete the 19,39Mbps ie

5 SD channels 4 of 4Mbps and one SD of 3,39Mbps total 19,39Mbps.

if there is 9 then 19,39/9 and get the bitrate of each Sd channel

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We fit 1 HD channel (usually 1080i), and 3 SD multichannels (576i) here reasonably well into a single multiplex (all channels MPEG2 encoded). It is worth noting though that our multiplexes are 23Mbps, not 19Mbps like the US.
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