My 14 yr old and his little buddy tried to order adult channel - DirecTV

My son and his little perv buddy evidently orderd an innapropriate ppv last night..i got an email confirming purchase and confronted him and his friend..they fesses up to ordering it..but also said that nothing ever came on the they didnt watch it..which i am glad there anything we can do about this?..cause im not paying for it..and im not gonna tell my boy this..but im not gonna make him pay it if he didnt get to watch it..he is already in enough trouble! said 3hrs of full acess was orderd..i was home before the 3hrs was suppose to be up..and did confirm what my boy said..ther was nothing playingbon those adult channels...

This question, "My 14 yr old and his little buddy tried to order adult channel," is about DirecTV channels, programming, equipment, and sports.

14 yr old ordered channel

I had a similar issue I called customer service they refunded the money and I put a block on all adult programming. You can do that thru the menu ...parental controls