My account/ errors - DirecTV

I was switched over after enjoying Direct for years as a valued customer. I was set in on a set package with uverse and internet. I called 3 months into my plan to the billing department to inquire about my bill, which was higher then I was quoted and was assured it would be looked I to and resolved. I then asked how I could get a receiver in my bedroom. I was talked into a tablet, a promotion that would actually make my plan less. I repeated that if he waived the activation fee, and he assured me that it would be adjusted "three times". I was well aware of that charge thru Sprint. From that point on my bill doubled. I went into my neighborhood ATT Corp store 6 times. No one was on the same page. First I was told I had the tablet for 4 months that was why * was in collections for 55$, when I only had the tablet for not even 4 weeks. He then said No their was not an adjustment or waived activation fee and because I did not have ATT cell phones he couldn't understand why the rep. Put me on a wireless plan which was an extra 100$. Maybe it isn't bundled yet. I waited and still no changes. When I made payments right at the store, it wouldn't show up as a payment yet and I began to incur late Fed's service interuption fees, etc. I had added data fees when I was only using my tablet at home connected to my already ATT router at home. I had hotspot I didn't need. I was scammed with this phone rep who did not follow up on anything he said. I have paid over 600$ in the last 2 months for trying to get this co pang to credit me for their mistakes, instead each and every rep I talk to in the ATT service store's offer no amount of assistance. I have been told you can go back to direct, we can't log your account in. Then I suddenly get late fees and interrupt ion fees. I have all the bank statements, proof of overcharge. Proof of contract, proof of the error made by phone rep on 5-19-2016. This is going to end very badly for your company if I don't get a credit for your mistakes and get my account in good standing. I was a loyal Direct customer with outstanding account history, and it has been a mess from day 1 since I switched over to ATT. I want an audit, and a look at why I have late Fed's or go into a center and ask what do I owe, pay it and not even a week later you are demanding more money. Over 200$ every time, it has never once been the rate I agreed to, and you are purposly adding late charges to raise my bill. Consumer complaint is my next step, and if it takes small claims court I'm there. I have way to much documentation for your company to NOT see the issue and error's as well if you know what you are doing. This has caused me extreme stress and anxiety and I get reps who do not have any answer's or make it worse. Need answer's and action..

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