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Your website doesn't allow me to view my Bill..After clicking all around I cannot find amount I owe. Then, if I get lucky & find it once in awhile the amount is incorrect from what your agent says when I call you by phone. If my Credit Scores & Ratings go down because of this I will be in Small Claims Court. But, to help solve this enigma, I need my USPS Mailed Hard copy I can call you & get the correct amount from an agent.. if I can get in within say a half hour so I can pay correctly & on time.This has been an issue for me since Nov last I have 2 homes & over the years the same issues happen when I call you & try to deactivate reactivate at my other location. To help solve this imo your Website needs to be able to Identify Serial Numbers of each of the Receivers specifically in BOTH locations. I have 4 Receivers in AZ and 3 different ones in WI. Every move I make back forth has been a "Revolving Circus' with a huge number of phone calls to you & no one can solve unless I talk to a Retention Agent. And I still don't know EXACTLY WHAT I OWE CURRENTLY AS MY BILL GET'S TO ME TOO LATE.

This question, "My Bill," is about DirecTV channels, programming, equipment, and sports.
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