my coupon expired


dear administrator

my tv converter box coupon is expired before I could use it .I would like to get another one please .

my previous coupon number is 58 97320119453667 and it expires on 11/10/2008.

thak you for your time


Expired Coupon

I think that you sent this to the wrong place. I think that you would need to contact the people that issued the coupon who is the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), a government agency. Their website is at The Digital TV Transition: What You Need to Know About DTV (Double click on this blue lettering to go to their website).

From what I understand they are not re-issuing expired coupons at this time. You will probably not get anywhere with them. You can also find a phone number and an email address at their web site. Like I said I think that are will not get anywhere with them. It would not hurt to send them an email and ask.

If someone else has any ideas to help you I am certain that they will also reply to this message.
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