My Coupons Expired


Good morning,

I initially placed an order for the DTV converter box coupons in July or August. I did not receive my coupons untl late October. At that time I had just had major surgery on 10/30/2008. (Can prove it)
In January, I tried calling different stores to the availability of the boxes at the time Walmart was completely out. CVS, Radio Shack and a few others had the boxes but the prices started at $49 and up. I was under the assumption that the coupons of $40.00 each covered the price for the boxes making them available free of charge. Well when I did have the money available to purchase the boxes was when I found out the coupons had expired. I had no idea they had an expiration date on them. My question can I return the coupon cards and have them replaced since I did not use them per my address? Please reply. As I cannot afford to pay full price for this boxes.

Thank You!!!