MY Data Plan - XFinity

For MY Data Plan, XFinity-Comcast internet. I keep getting a report that says I'm way over my Data PLan. This mont on the 4 we recieved another message that said we had use 1446GB. I was in the Hospital with my wife Sepember 26 to 30th. Then 4 hours of Church on Sunday then on the first of October, Monday to see the Dr who sent me to the Hospital. We did not get home until about 2:00 PM. I or my wife did not use our WIFI all that time. We have been getting this message all week. Today we got the notice at 2:30 PM again that we used 1474GB of Data. We have not seen or down loaded a movie or any other Data intensive activity.We hacve the "Blast Plan. The report also shows the make and model of my Cisco modem. We have it with a tight password. We are sure no one else is using our internet usage. We called out a service tech and he did not find any problem or reason for the data loss.We have been intouch with the next step up in thier support groups. The have been looking and at this point say that it has something to do with the way its presented (?). Lame excuse but we will call until we get someone attention. The local office tells me I should buy more to avoid overages.
Hopefully Ill get a job number, error code or some id of the work they are doing.

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