My TV isn't listed on the dtv coupon list I received in the mail

Jason Fritz

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Received a question today which asked:

My TV was built in 1992 and is not is not on the list I recieved w/ my coupon. I tried to look it up on the web I ended up w/ things that had nothing to do with it. I use rabbit ears and am hopeful the box will help w/ the channels I can't get at all or well.
The TV
Any TV manufactured for television viewing in the U.S. before 1998 is most likely an analog television and will require a digital-to-analog converter box to continue viewing over-the-air broadcasts after the February 17th, 2009 digital transition.

The Coupon List You Received in the Mail
I believe you might need some clarification about the list you received in the mail. The list provided to you from the government is a list of manufacturers and model numbers of approved digital converter boxes in which you can use your $40 converter box coupon towards. You won't find any specific information about which converter box will work with your specific brand or model of TV from the government.

Why? Most if not all converter boxes will work with television sets with one of the following inputs:

RF (Antenna In, also known sometimes as Coax Input) (More Info: RF connector - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

RCA (Red, White, Yellow) (More Info: RCA connector - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

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I think that most people have TV's that would qualify unless you have bought something real recently. I think it is always better safe than sorry. As far as the additional channels go you should not get channels that you would not regularly receive. It should offer something better as far as picture and additional channels you should be getting with regular TV programs locally.