NAB Ad Promotes Free Local TV


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"WASHINGTON, D.C. -- The National Association of Broadcasters placed an advertisement today in three D.C. publications, Communications Daily, National Journal Daily and Politico, promoting the value of free local TV. The ad, "Keep Free Local TV Free to Innovate," highlights the more than 100,000 radio and TV spots that have aired since the unveiling of NAB's The Future of TV campaign. Launched last month, The Future of TV complements the industry-wide on-air campaign touting new technologies and services shaping the medium's future.

'Our viewers - and your constituents - understand the value that free local broadcast programming provides to their communities. They are excited, as we are, about the future of TV,' reads the advertisement. 'As Congress returns, we will work together to make sure that TV's future is not threatened and that broadcasters remain free to innovate by continuing to put their spectrum to work.'"

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NAB News Release: NAB Ad Promotes Free Local TV