NAB Asks Congress To Examine Spectrum Hoarding


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NAB Asks Congress To Examine Spectrum Hoarding - 2011-02-28 21:51:48 | Broadcasting & Cable
"The National Association of Broadcasters wants Congress to look into what it calls spectrum speculation and/or hoarding by satellite and cable companies--it singled out Dish and Time Warner Cable.
That came in a letter from National Association of Broadcasters President Gordon Smith to the chairs and ranking members of the House Energy & Commerce Committee and Senate Commerce Committee. It also came on the eve of an NAB-hosted fly-in to Washington of broadcast station execs who are expected to take to the Hill this week to lobby for their spectrum."


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I would urge everyone to write their congresspersons and senators and tell them about spectrum hoarding as well.


Let's not forget T-Mobile, Sprint, ATT, Verizon Wireless, who also are hoarding a lot of spectrum too. For these carriers, it's the PCS spectrum that they're hoarding to keep out competition in rural markets. T-Mobile also holds AWS spectrum & they only bought smaller blocks for major cities, but for everywhere else, it's trickier to take away, since they hold regional AWS licenses that cover all 50 states. So T-Mobile intends to continue their hoarding of spectrum in rural markets, as they don't like to build in rural markets (except for major highways).