NAB praises Genachowski praise for broadcasters


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From The Article:
FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski addressed the Mobile Future Forum, describing the National Broadband Plan and the search for spectrum. He also had kind words to say about the historical contributions of broadcasters and their positive role going forward. NAB President/CEO thanked the Chairman and expressed his hope that the FCC is serious about broadcasting’s future...

...In conclusion, Smith said, "We are hopeful that going forward, the FCC undertakes a thoughtful process that in no way jeopardizes the digital promise that was made to 43 million Americans who rely exclusively on hyper-local news, entertainment, foreign language and religious programming offered by free and local broadcasters. Finally, we would respectfully ask for an independent study to confirm Chairman Genachowski's assurances that spectrum suitable for wireless broadband is not lying fallow, given recent verbatim remarks to the contrary from current FCC licensees.”
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