NAB: Reducing Spectrum Holdings Will Diminish Service


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From The Article:
For those that do decide to stay around, Schurz and NAB want assurances their spectrum homes are more than temporary.

"Congress must ensure that broadcasters can depend on their spectrum allocations for many years into the future without facing additional threats to their continued spectrum use," says Schurz. "Thus, any legislation on incentive auctions should include a sunset on the authority of the FCC to use those auctions to repurpose broadcast spectrum and further protections against additional reallocations of broadcast spectrum to other services."

Broadcasters also want the FCC to do some more looking before it leaps. That would include assessing the wireless industry's ability to be more efficient with the spectrum it has and undertake a spectrum inventory and usage study.

That is because there will be a price to pay for reducing broadcasters' holdings, even with all the protections the NAB is seeking. "Diminishing the spectrum available for broadcast television, including for mobile DTV service, will diminish the competition and diversity of services available to American consumers. It also would lead to a slower, more expensive, and less efficient system for delivering news-oriented video content," he said. "Congress and the FCC must weigh and understand the public policy harms of reallocating spectrum away from free, over-the-air television before taking irreversible steps down that path."
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