NAB Show To Explore Future Of Mobile DTV

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NAB Show To Explore Future Of Mobile DTV

From the article:

... "Panelists will examine various global technologies and potential business models for future mobile TV use in light of consumer demand. Discussion topics include the effects of data limits put in place by wireless providers, how broadcasters can leverage home grown technologies to their advantage and how the broadcast industry can meet consumers' changing expectations."

*Details on the NAB Show, to be held April 14-19 in Las Vegas, are available

2012 NAB Show: Digital Media Industry Event for Video, Audio, Film & Communications Professionals.


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Consumers won't demand something they don't know exists. As long as cell phone companies like AT&T, T-Mobile, etc, don't request manufacturers put Mobile DTV in their phones - because there is no data usage to bill customers for - few people will know Mobile DTV exists.

All it would take to make MDTV the next "killer app" would be for Apple to put it in their next iteration of the Jesus Phone. Within a few months all the Android phones would have it too.