NAB Thanks Concerned TV Viewers

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From their "thank you" e-mail:

Thank you for taking action and contacting your members of Congress to urge them to protect free, local television in the recent debt ceiling legislation. You made all the difference!

Due to more than 125,000 emails and phone calls from concerned viewers like you, we avoided the immediate threat to local TV as harmful legislative language was ultimately removed from the bill before final passage.

But while the battle was won, the war is not over. There is still the likelihood of congressional action when Congress returns to Washington, D.C. this fall. Some believe that a transfer of certain TV channels to wireless carriers – through a process known as spectrum auctions – is a good way to raise revenue to offset government spending.

Spectrum auctions are not necessarily harmful to local TV as long as they include appropriate viewer protections to ensure your ability to receive local news, public safety information and high-quality programs is not harmed.

We will keep you updated as this issue progresses, and please continue to visit our website,, to learn more about the future of free and local television.

Thank you for standing up for local TV!

The Future of TV: Learn How You Can Protect the Future of Free, Local Television and Keep the News, Emergency Information and HD Programs You Love


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They should have started this campaign over a year ago, and they need to keep it going full force. Local OTA TV is screwed if the take 20 channels away.