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I have Direct TV but am going to have it disconnected I know NASA TV is free open to the public. I have to send back my receiver to direct TV. What do I need to get just NASA TV. Can I just buy a receiver and what model will work from say ebay and will the card have to be set up with direct TV or if I just put the card in will it pick up NASA TV or do I need a card. I will be using the dish that is set up now would just like to put a receiver on to get NASA TV. Any one have any info on this.


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I found this ...

NASA TV is carried on numerous television cable systems around the country and on the major satellite systems. Programming is also carried on cable TV in Canada and in parts of Europe and Asia. For more than two years, it has also been available on the Internet as streaming video through NASA TV's website, NASA - NASA TV. In addition to all the internal uses at the agency, NASA TV distributes three digital video channels by satellite: one for the general public, one geared toward education, and one for the media. The channels are carried by MPEG-2 digital C-band signal to two satellites (AMC 6-17C and AMC 7-18C). (If the programs are not carried by the local cable company, a digital video broadcast [DVB]-compliant integrated receiver decoder [IRD] and a satellite dish is needed for reception.)

rest of article: NASA TV | NASA Television tracks America’s space program with analog, digital, HD, and streaming video technologies.


You will not be able to receive any DirecTV channels without a receiver and paying for their subscribed service. You can basically think of the DirecTV dish on the side of your house as an ornament until you renew service again.

You can however watch Nasa TV online at @ NASA - NASA TV
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