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I pay $134.81 a month for my Directv service. I pay the large amount so that I can watch the sports that are on. Today I find that I cannot watch the Nascar race because that channel has been turned off. I am not happy about and I have also noticed some changes in the channel selections I can watch.
I hope that this is corrected quickly.

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If you have a FOX TV station nearby, you can watch the race free over-the-air. I'm watching the race live, from my local FOX station that is over 21 miles away from me. It's one of about 30 free channels I receive using an antenna.

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Here is the explanation from my local FOX affiliate:

Q13 FOX is off the air for DirecTV subscribers. DirecTV stopped airing Q13 FOX at 11:59 p.m. Saturday, March 31, having failed to offer fair compensation for our programming. Call 800-533-7369 toll free and tell DirecTV you want American Idol, Q13 FOX and all your favorite FOX shows back. Click here for updates and other ways to get Q13 FOX.
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That would frustrate me. The good news is that Fox only does the first set of races before it switches to TNT and then ESPN. The races are rerun every week on Speed, too, which I know is not the same thing as watching the race as it happens. I must admit though that for my blood pressure, I DVR'd today's race, and I sure am glad I did. The last 4 laps really frustrated me. I hope they slap Reutimann with a huge fine.

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