NASCAR - down to 6 races


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NASCAR's Chase to the Cup is down to 6 races for 2010. It's been one of the best chases because it's a closer battle than ever. I still prefer the old system, though, because my favorite driver did better in the old version. :}

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Danica Patrick crashes in her best NASCAR run to date

Crash ruins Danica Patrick's best NASCAR run - Los Angeles Times

From the article:

"In her eighth NASCAR race, Danica Patrick and stock car racing finally seemed to click.

After struggling with an average 31st-place finish in her first seven races in NASCAR's second-tier Nationwide Series, Patrick was running 12th — and on the lead lap with eventual winner Kyle Busch — with 11 laps left in the 150-lap 300..." ...

Danica needs to have a strong team supporting her. Having personally been a racer years ago, the best equipment and a strong team makes an enormous difference in a driver's sucess. In my opinion, she has what it takes to win. :car:


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I watched that race. Danica did great. She was racing for the first time really. She passed cars and was poised for a big finish. The crash was in no way her fault. She got caught up in someone else's mess, as they say. People who just read the headline or story may not realize how good of a job she did in that race.