Navigating USB-Loaded Flash-Drive Films with DVD Players

D.V. Dee

DTVUSA Jr. Member
My Pioneer DV-610AV DVD player has a USB port from which I can load movies stored in a flash drive. I have films in DivX format stored in flash drives...

The movies play just fine, but don't work with any Resume-type function; if I try to fast-forward to a point in a film, the DVD player just stalls and freezes up.:(

How can I invoke some kind of Resume function with this set-up?

Here's a profile of my DVD player: Pioneer DV-610AV-S Silver All Multi Region Code Zone Free DVD Player. Plays DVD-Audio and SACD: Electronics

Thanks for any feedback!

D.V. Dee

DTVUSA Jr. Member
This Web site discusses Pioneer DVD firmware (& for my particular player, too)...but it looks like you try out this firmware AT Your Own Risk!

FAQ for Pioneer DV-610AV

Not sure it's a flaw or bug, as a friend who also has a DVD player with a USB port for flash drives experiences the same kind of problem that I do....