NBC and the Olympics: The Tape Delayed Debate


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With the London 2012 Olympics well underway, a lot of press coverage has gone to the issue of the time delayed coverage being presented by NBC. The network is strongly defending its choices with no apologies to anyone upset by having to watch tape delayed action. Neither are they sorry that people are easily "spoiled" by today's technology that so easily allows for instant news to be given throughout the world.

View attachment 1865 It would seem, based on the ratings, that NBC has no worries. It has outdone the Beijing Olympics, and the numbers have been strong all the way through the current day.

Still, I side with those who want to see things live. Even the Opening Ceremonies were disappointing because we in America did not see all of the usual ceremonial parts of the event. I want to see it all. During the various presentations, we get everything compact.

Take the platform diving. I felt like my head was spinning. They showed the same four teams or so, going round by round, cutting out the rest of the world and making it feel like the entire event lasted 20 minutes. It takes away the drama and is a disservice to the cultures of other countries not to show their teams at least once. Another example is beach volleyball. They showed the first and third sets for one match, but not the second in which the USA actually routed their opponent. For me, it spoils the event. It is like just showing me the ending without letting me enjoy the various flavors of the event. In swimming, trials were held within 3 minutes of one another. Disappointing.

I am old fashioned. I want to see live TV. I have always hated the tape delay format for sporting events, and even for awards show. Unfortunately, the way it is now is not going to change. People would have to not watch, and even taped delayed, we still love the Olympics.