NBC Blunders Again: Prefers Breast Augmention Over Honoring America's Heroes!


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Today is September 11, a date that will forever live in my mind, as I know it does for millions of others. In the fast paced business industry that is television, coverage of the terrorist activity that took place on this date in 2001 is vastly important. Thus, it is no surprise that this morning, most networks took notice of what has become the traditional moment of silence to remember those who died on that day.

View attachment 1947 The big fall away from that, though, was NBC which apparently decided that listening to Kris Jenner discuss breast augmentation on The Today Show was more important than a country honoring those killed by heartless assassins. What a sad state that network must be in to avoid what is common decency, to pause for a minute of time to celebrate the lives of victims, including first responders who would no doubt do the same thing again if they had a chance to do it all over.

NBC is proving themselves to be a callous network. Critics are not enjoying them, and the fans are just growing angrier by the day. I have many friends who say they just do not watch the network anymore. They are unimpressed by the programming. Just recently, NBC said a lack of class by abruptly cancelling the final two episodes of the Michael Shanks drama, Saving Hope, that had been doing well and increasing weekly in the ratings. Yet, they yanked it without even having the decency of showing those last episodes, replacing them with lower watched reruns of America's Got Talent.

Related specifically to The Today Show, over the summer NBC yanked Ann Curry off the air, replacing her in quick fashion with Savannah Guthrie. The method of the departure has not been looked upon kindly by anyone. Now, today, NBC again is showing their true colors, a network that does not care about its viewers, its employees, or even its country.

NBC, you are pathetic!