NBC Cuts ‘Tonight Show’ Staff

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From the article:

... "Between 20 and 25 “Tonight” staff members were laid off, according to a person with direct knowledge of the cuts, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because the details of the restructuring are private. To stave off additional staff reductions, Mr. Leno took a sizable pay cut, said the person, who would not specify the amount." ...

NBC's 'Tonight Show' Cuts Staff - NYTimes.com

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What TNT SHOW staffers have left THE TONIGHT SHOW?..does anyone know?...what talent coordinators, etc? I worked for show with Mr Carson


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I am not a fan of Leno's at all, but I give him credit for taking the cut. I think it's a stellar thing to do, and it affects more than TV. The economy strikes everywhere. I know when NASCAR was making severe cuts two years ago, Jeff Gordon was among the first drivers to step up and cut their pay so that the team members could retain their jobs. Gordon's a class act and a leader. Others followed suit.