NBC, FOX Vow Mobile Launch In 20 DMAs

Fringe Reception

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I had hoped reasonably priced Mobile TV receivers would be marketed prior to Christmas 2010, because I wanted to give a receiver to a best buddy who has a boat. The 'motion' of forward progress and rocking back and forth kills 'standard' 8VSB reception.

I am very disapointed "mobile TV" is available locally for me but low-cost (any?) MOBILE TV receivers are not available. I paid $45 for a 7" Haier AC/DC TV set a couple years ago, but the 'mobile/moving technology' isn't in it. A good unit for the money, but totally unappropriate for a boat.

All it would take is for one manufacturer to offer mobile TV in a low priced unit and I think it would take off. Boaters and campers, wake up and scream at the FCC!