NBC is Back, Winning November Sweeps


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NBC is basking in what appears to be its first November prime-time TV sweeps win in nine years, though the sweeps period doesn't officially end until Wednesday night and the numbers won't be official for another week.

Honchos at the perennially fourth-ranked broadcast TV network have followed the ratings with wide-eyed amazement, waiting for the bottom to fall out. But they have concluded over the last several days that it now appears too late for ABC, Fox, and CBS to catch them.

The last time NBC won a November sweeps was in 2003, when its prime-time schedule included the iconic shows Friends, ER, Frasier, and The West Wing.

A win would be a big feather in the cap of executive Steve Burke and Comcast Corp., the cable giant that said it would revive the bottom-dwelling NBC prime-time business when it acquired control of NBCUniversal in early 2011.

It would also come with one big asterisk, however: Just about everyone in Hollywood believes that when the snow flies in January and February, NBC's ratings are likely to sink like the mercury in Philadelphia because of the absence of NFL Sunday Night Football and The Voice, which will be off the air in the first months of 2013.
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NBC has been down on the bottom for a long time. Maybe that for a long time they have done a good job of producing junk. Anyway, they are back with primetime football and a singing show.