NBC Soap Operas: Days of Our Lives, Passions


Do we have any fans of Days of our Lives or Passions? Talk about the characters you love and love to hate. Want to talk about the current story lines. Are you glad that Kayla & Patch are back? What do you think Stefano did to their baby?


Gracious, I was addicted to these shows for years. My husband would tease me about them, although he thought it was perfectly fine watching all the Chuck Norris and Charles Bronson action movies. I think he was just jealous over the guys on the show. Of course, the resemblance between him and Bo Brady, is incredible. On the other hand, I am a long way from looking like Hope.

But, I do appreciate how their relationship has weathered so many drawbacks. There have been many years, I would just throw my hands up and say why even bother. The story line has gotten crazy many times over the years. How many times is Stefano going to rise from the dead?


What do you think about them firing John and Marlena on Days of Our Lives? Do you think they will eventually back? I am sure they will. Goodness knows, how many times they have brought Stefano back.
I haven't watched forever, but I saw that they fired John on the cover of Soap Opera Weekly the other day at the grocery store. Seems like they're going to take the show in a different direction.


In a way it kinda seems like a shame, out with the old actors and in with the new. Days of our Lives has been synonymous with Bo & Hope and John & Marlena for decades. Yes, I know actors grow older and they bring up a new generation (rather quickly-these kids grow up 15 years in just a matter of 4 or 5). But, there have been some actors that remain for generations and even come and go.