NCIS 10/7 episode


DTVUSA Jr. Member
Tuesday night means NCIS here at our house. We've got the DVR set to record it, in case we don't make it to the couch in time to watch every week, lol.

Last night's episode was as good as ever. It was too funny to watch Abby trying to solve the mystery of who took her cupcake. You knew she was going to figure out whodunnit!

I think the funniest part was when McGee called Tony DiNosy!! lol

I thought the Senator's wife had some connection to Gibb's late wife and daughter but I'm still not sure exactly how. Were they related or just friends because their hubby's served together?

No spoilers, sometimes when there's a twist at the end I don't always guess right, but last night I was right on, and even how I knew was right on.
I liked this episode as well...Abby is one of my favorite characters ever! The missing cupcake was was funny with all of the steps that she took just to find out who took her cupcake.