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From what I have read, most if not all currently available D2A converter boxes use pretty much the same internal architecture (chips / circuitry) but there are some variations in their software. I have an I-View version and it works quite well. Although all of them can record/replay/time-shift programming, as far as I know every one requires a USB-3 thumb or portable hard drive to properly function.

One DTVUSA member reported his unit required a self-powered USB-3 portable hard drive and he strongly recommended to buy a unit which uses a 'wall-wart' power supply because they are more dependable than those with their own internal power supplies.

Please keep us posted on your choice and your results. Thanks in advance.

Jim and the DTVUSA Forum staff.

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Thanks for your product review. Regarding its poor performance, is there any chance something has changed with the antenna or the coax that could be causing the loss of channels?

It works fine for the few very strong stations close to me like my local PBS.

No there are no other factors in play because now I just put my old magnavox converter back in place of this new one. Changed nothing else. Took the antenna coax (rg6) and the cable to the TV off the new one and put them onto the old magnavox, did a channel scan, and started watching channel 7, my local ABC station. The new box never did recognize that station, never displayed it in the past couple weeks I was using it, and never saved it as a viable station during multiple channel scans.

i have done slight tweaks to the antenna direction in the past, but not at this time when I did the change out from the new box back to the old one.

I watched channel 7 for a couple hours with the old box, then it started to drop out. it is not a direct los, not the strongest station. probably depends on fog, humidity, etc. long ago we discussed how there is a mountain between me and the main broadcast antenna (Sutro Tower) in San Francisco.

Scanning with the old magnavox, it saves many weak stations witch will never display. The new box when you scan seems to only save the very strong that can be expected to (almost) always display.

The new box, nothing wrong with it if you have strong stations.

Old magnavox the remote is so bad it is almost impossible to use, you have to push hard on the buttons. New box has what seems to be a cheap remote that doesn't seem to work very well even though it is brand new.

I will try the new box some more and also check out some of the other features like recording with a flash drive and let you know.

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Thanks for the follow-up. The tuner in my iView Converter box works as well as my 2-3 year old Samsung HDTV's tuner so I agree with you, your new iConvert box doesn't have a very hot tuner. That's good to know and thank you.


PS Regarding TV Channel 're-packing' ...

This is from "Clay's Corner" the Society of Broadcast Engineers NW Region Newsletter:)

"Some of the major TV sites are in for some rather dramatic changes. For Example – The Sutro Tower in San Francisco will be losing 3 TV tenants, changing channels for 6 and they may pick up some additional stations."
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I'm going to give the same advice I give to anyone with an old TV looking for a converter box:
The price of a new TV is dirt cheap, loaded with features, and the new LED TV sets are so energy efficient it could pay for itself in electric savings in a few years.

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Agreed! The 18" Samsung TV in my office draws about the same amount of current as a Converter Box and it has a better tuner for OTA reception.


A fella over on the MeTv forum said he was using the converter boxes with newer tv's & wall wart externals as a way to record OTA. Thought he was kidding. Now I'm wondering which converter box to buy. : )
Will need a strong tuner, a channel guide for easy recording and maybe the software to be able to play other saved home videos on the external.
Any recommendations? Anyone have experience with the models mention on the Lifewire article: The 6 Best Digital Converter Boxes to Buy in 2018 ?
Thanks for any wisdom.

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Thanks for mentioning of the Livewire article and here's a link to it: The 6 Best Digital Converter Boxes to Buy in 2018

Two points others have made about 'recording converter boxes' on this Forum:

1) units that use 'wall-wart' power supplies last longer than those which have their own (internal) power supplies.

2) media that is recorded by a converter box to a thumb drive or to a portable hard drive, may or may not play on other converter boxes.
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