Need a new HTPC, which one should I get?



I'm looking to get a home theater PC for gaming and serving content (movies and TV shows). Ultimately, I'd like to play a game like Skyrim or Guild Wars 2 and yet kick back and watch some Netflix or movies with the girlfriend.

I'm familiar with PC's, but haven't looked much into HTPCs. What do I need?


You going to build your own? Do you play a lot of graphics intensive games ? Do you want it to look like a nice piece of audio equipment or do you mind having a tower with LEDs glowing?

Cause you can hook ANY computer up to a TV and it's an HTPC. Usually most HTPCs are lower power CPU/APUs. My HTPC is an AMD A10-5700 (3.4Ghz quad-core, 65watts, integrated HD7660D graphics) and is in an Antec Fusion remote case which most people who see it think it's an audio receiver. I have a 128Gb SSD and a BluRay drive in it and it streams media from our home network NAS (a Synology Diskstation).

But my first "HTPC" was an AMD Athlon 64 3400 in a tower case sitting next to our TV stand about 7 years ago.

A few more details and I can give you some suggestions.



I've been using a 5 year old XPS laptop for my "HTPC". Has a HDMI out for HD too. Picked it up on eBay this year for $150. :) Cheap HTPC!
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