Need a new turntable for your LPs and 45s? Consider this ...

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Vinyl (records) are experiencing a rebirth and I am amazed. If you win a Lottery, you can afford to buy this Rolls Royce of turntables. There is plenty of new Engineering in it and it wasn't done in China. The video is well worth watching.



I would love to have a blind listening session with this type of gear vs lesser-priced gear. I don't think the original albums were ever played on such nice hardware. I am somewhat skeptical about all the vibration dampening. It makes sense to me because it is a physical connection between record and stylus. I wonder if I could hear the difference? I wonder if you had subs and they were firing away, if it could cause a vibration on the turntable and could it be heard? This has probably been talked about for years on the hifi forums.

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