Need advice on aircraft flutter: going from indoor to outdoor antenna

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2nd The "Questions"

I recently started searching forums and have found that the airplane flutter is just another variant of ghosting/multipath. This is to say that aircraft fluter, ghosting and multipath are all one and the same. Is this correct? If so can it be combated the same way?

3rd antennas ive had up until current

First I had a cheap Radioshack indoor ring antenna. Then i went to a Directional Trek HDTVi (non amplified). I currently have the Winegard FlatWave Amped Indoor antenna.

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FlatWave Amped Indoor HDTV Antenna for $64.99

I went through these antenni in the process to get rid of airplane flutter from an over head fligth path that gets used from time to time as well as police and news helicopters that fly over. Its bad enough to cause pixelation and then a total loss of signal. All 3 indoor antenna thus far have had relitively the same issue with aircraft flutter, even the directional one and thats the reason why im looking to do a roof mounted outdoor one.

4th Last but not least the current three antenna ive had narrowed down (some how they are from winegard not sure why)

Keep in mind almost all of my stations are LOS and about 14 miles away.

Winegard 7694p ($60): Will this work to eliminate aircraft flutter that im getting with my indoor FlatWave Amped one

Winegard 7698p ($120): larger antenna and slightly narrower viewing angle for reception gathering. Used for high fringed areas. Will this help fight aircraft flutter better then the 7694p?

While searching around for comparisons between the two and about multipath I stumbled on the...

Winegard 7210 Ghost Killer (50$ but its an old model and I may not even be able to find a place with it in stock any longer) Would this work best?

Winegard HD-7210 Ghost Killer VHF UHF HDTV Antenna HD-7210 Yagi 23 Element Aerial Platinum Off-Air Digital Local HD Channel, RED ZONE, Part # HD-7210 | With 50 FT Coax Cable

Figured that if ghosting, multipath, and aircraft flutter are all one and the same that this antenna might work better, but i dont know and thats why im postig this up.

Also yes ive also seen that fariday box that was made and thought about building one as well as the idea behind stacking antenna to help with interferance but figured im close enough with nothing in the LOS of the towers so a simple outdoor Yagi style antenna should be fine... right?

Thanks folks
While I live right on a small airport and am quite familiar with the problem I don't have the answers. The back fence on this property is the airport security fence. Helicopters are the worst. Some receivers deal with it a lot better then others. With an outdoor antenna it's not a major problem even living right on a small airport. I never seen more then a slight glitch on the Samsung TV. The Dish VIP722K with OTA module likes to go into the big yellow complete signal loss screen if it detects the slightest glitch in signal. I've found the work around on the 722K is to use the DVR and run it about 30 seconds behind. The big yellow screen of death isn't recorded just the glitch in the video, and sometimes a smaller more pleasant signal loss message. A higher gain more directional antenna will help.

Fringe Reception

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I live in a very difficult TV reception location and have engineered and built three seperate antenna systems to collect signals from transmitters located to my North/South, to my East and to my West. I am to the side of the flight paths for SeaTac International Airport and Boeing Field. There are many Commercial and Private metal birds flying past here including unpainted 'baby birds' in primer from Boeing Everett and Boeing Renton. The sky is very busy, here.

I rarely have signal confusion from any of these aircraft that fly by to my West "probably" because I am using highly directional outdoor antennas. On the other hand, I have regular problems using one (outdoor) antenna aimed to my Southeast caused by a Seaplane Business who fly their routes from West to East to West, South of me.

My suggestion is to give up indoor (compromise) antennas and try outdoor models at a variety of heights above your roof.