Question: Need antenna advice - tvfool results inside...


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There is channel 9 (VHF CBS) plus multiple Directions on UHF stations. Two UHF antennas combined with a combiner, and a VHF antenna combined with the combiner with a UVSJ. VHF pointed at 174 degrees magnetic. UHF antennas pointed at 174 and 83 degrees magnetic.


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Dan's advice is solid, but - The channel station is CBS WWTV, as is channel 40. Channel 40 is pretty strong, you may be able to catch it off the back of a UHF antenna, which would make channel 9 and a VHF antenna unneeded.
As strong as signals are predicted to be this antenna would probably work.
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Aiming could get a bit tricky. A receiver that will do direct real channel entry of real channel numbers can help. Many of them will, but it is not always documented in the owners manual. It can be a time saver. No need to wait for a scan. I've programed both TVs and converter boxes with out ever doing a scan by knowing the real RF channel numbers being used in my area. That won't work on every receiver built, and is sometimes found in an add channel, or aim antenna menu.

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