Need Antenna Help - Cut the Comcast cord last week!!!


Hello all! So I finally did it and cut the Comcast cord. We do have high speed internet and netflix is nice but my wife misses the local channels. So I am going to put an antenna up! It seems that the direction for the signals would be at the rear of my house so an indoor antenna would not work as the living room is in the front of the house. I planned on putting up an outdoor one right above the garage on the roof near the gutter line (12 ft up) and running the cord through the garage and straight to the living room (around 30 ft run). Obviously I am new so I have no idea on what to buy etc. Any advice or input would help!

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You have a pretty good antenna survey and I noticed it has one entry error on the chart: it shows your CBS affiliate WTVF as real channel 5, but it is actually real channel 25. That makes a major difference in the type of antenna we recommend for you because 'channel 5' is a low-band VHF frequency.

You need to have an antenna that has a wide angle of reception, rather than a narrow directional focus because the stations within range are spread over a wide area from your north to your northwest, so I am tempted to suggest a small antenna (RCA ANT-751Z) but it would likely need to be mounted much higher than 12 feet above ground level. This is especially important if you have a metal roof or gutters.

The RCA ANT-751Z has a good reputation, but it may not be 'quite enough antenna' for your needs. Two other high-band VHF / UHF antennas I would consider are the RCA ANT-3036WZ and RCA ANT-3037Z:

Others here will likely also make suggestions, so don't buy any antenna - yet!

While an ant 751 might do the job. I have to suggest the Winegard HD7694P. It's not a lot more money.
You have a mix of UHF, and high VHF signals. At 12' most of them are not line of sight.

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