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I switched over to DTV last November. I am using my old GE Amplified (HT24737) Rabbit Ears for now, but I really need a better antenna. The RCA Smart Antenna (ANT2000) sounded good, even tho I read some reviews that some people did not have good luck with it. Well, I tried it and it is worse than my present rabbit ears.

I am trying to find a set of Rabbit Ears that is more powerful than what I am using now. Can anyone suggest a good set that will be more powerful than my present GE?

What I like about Rabbit Ears is that you can move them around if you need to. Many of the other indoor types are not adjustable.

I actually have an outdoor antenna that I can use, but I only want to set it up if it is absolutlely necessary. We have a lightning problem around here.

I am 25 miles away from my TV stations.

Any info would be appreciated.

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Bill, have you been to to get an approximate distance from tv broadcast towers to your house yet? If not, you may want to give it a try. Most indoor antennas receive DTV signals up to 15 miles (some cases 20) from broadcast towers. So if you've tried two differen't types, you may want to think about using a flat panel, directional type antenna, or connect to your roof mounted antenna.

...I have a set of rabbit ears in one of our bedrooms that work very well with an insignia converter box. The same rabbit ears on my Mistubishi LCD DTV-HDTV in our living room only received half of our local channels. So, I upgraded to the Antennas Direct DB2 (not rabbit ears, but it's located indoors). Long story short, there are tons of variables when it comes to DTV signals.


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I'm about 25 miles from the broadcast towers. The outdoor antenna that I have, that I mentioned above, is a Antenna Direct C2. I am using it now indoors, but it's not quite as good as my GE Rabbit Ears (Can't try it in the attic, as I don't have one).

I'm guessing that my GE HT24737 is a pretty good one, but I'm hoping to find a more powerful set.


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