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I recently cut the cord. For my antenna I bought the Mohu Sky. I has not done very well for me. In my estimation it is no better than the Mohu Leaf. Now that we count on the antenna providing a portion of our TV content it has to be better.

Below is my TV Fool info
TV Fool

Provide details about your current TV and antenna setup such as:
  • Type of antenna currently in use - Mohu Sky mounted outside on gable end, but I would like the new antenna to be in the attic. I have a asphalt shingle roof and brick exterior home.
  • Type of antenna wiring used - RG6
  • Which channels are you trying to receive? As many as I can get, but in reference to the TV Fool diagram I would like to receive all the channels within 60 miles located Southwest and Southeast of me.
  • Anything else that you feel that the forum should know about your setup or what you're trying to achieve.
  • TV Tuner- Tablo DVR networked to all TVs via Roku.
I wasted my money on the Sky. I don't want to do that again. Can someone help me select a new antenna? I have been looking at the Channel Master CM-4228HD and Antennas Direct DB8e, but I have concerns they may be too directional to do the job.
The antennas that you have tried and would like to try are not capable of receiving CBS. You need a conventional antenna, perhaps a Channel Master 3018 or a Winegard 8200U. Be careful that any other options you might consider are capable of LOW BAND VHF reception. Attic reception at your location would likely miss some stations at some times if the year.

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