Need DTV reception help in OH

Totally frustrated. Trying to get mom's tv to play the digital stations. Not to techno savvy, to begin. Here's the deal. Mom is 80 years old set in her ways. Refuses to go with satellite or cable (which doesn't run through our area, anyway).

We live in a wooden area between Chillicothe OH (45601) and Waverly 0H (45690). Trying to pick up the Columbus stations. Am only getting in ABC.

The tv has a built in tuner. We put up an antenna, new one. Don't know the manufacturer's name. Got it at Radio Shack for about 70 dollars. Also added on a new amplifier (Radio Shack, as well). Still no NBC or CBS coming in here.

The antenna is about 17 feet off the air. Went to the digital page and mapped out our address. It says we won't receive any digital stations.

Is there a digital meter we can buy to help find the signals? (Similar to what satellite installers use to find satellite signals?)

What else can we do. Mom is annoyed. June will be here before we know it. By the way, her analog stations come in great.