Need help cutting cord antenna choice


Looking to cut the cable cord, and save my family some hard earned money. I will be keeping cable for internet so I can access netflix and hulu plus. I will need the antenna for the Philadelphia OTA channels for local news, sports etc. Here is my TVfool report: , the antenna will be mounted 20' off the ground at 52 degrees. I will need to drive two tvs, with about 50' of cable.

Thanks in advance
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I see you have channels in the VHF-lo and VHF-hi as well as UHF, and some 1 and 2 edge signals. Lucily they are all in one direction. Therefore I'm going to suggest a big combo antenna like the Winegard HD7084 for you - you shouldn't need an amp if you are only driving 2 TV sets, but if your reception is marginal then you may need a pre-amp.
Darn you Pogi! I can't come up with anything better than your suggestion. Unfortunately, OP must pay a little more, cause he has all three bands to worry about -- VHF low, VHF hi, and UHF.

Here are a couple other possibilities: Winegard HD 8200U, CM-5018, CM-5020. But if it were me, I guess I'd go for the 7084. Just didn't want Fella to think only Pogi studied his situation.

Here's a thought: if you wait til after January 1, I bet you can get a better deal on the price. Merry Christmas! :thumb: