Question: Need help cutting the cord


I am currently a Dish subscriber. This summer I decided to put my Dish in standby and see how life is without it. So far the only thing I am missing is my local news in the morning and a few evening shows. I also enjoy not having the bill. I have been looking at a few lava antennas but I see they get low reviews here. The antenna would be mounted at the peak of my second floor roof. I am estimating 25 feet. I don't know how many stations I can get but I would like to do it right the first time to get the most. I am in a small town and would prefer a smaller antenna so it doesn't look to bad but I will get what works best. Im not sure what I am looking for as I am not sure the difference in antennas (UHF, VHF, etc)

I do appreciate anyones help.

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Need Help Cutting The Cord

I was pretty much in a similar situations to you several months ago. I already has a Channel Master CM-4228 in my attic. It is designed for UHF, but will work on the higher VHF channels. while I would not recommend it, I have mine mounted in the attic above the attached garage and it works very well.

I still wanted some cable/satellite type channels, so I went with Sony PS Vue for those. I bought an Amazon Fire TV box for that. Very recently they also allowed Roku to get Sony PS Vue. I already had a Roku 3, so that is now also getting Sony PS Vue.

My wife like the DVR function of the DISH 722k. For a while we got by with one of the $40.00 -ish boxes for recording. It was quirky, but it worked. A month ago, or so, I bought a TiVo Roamio OTA 1 TB. That records and is also a streaming device for NetFlix, etc.

I also have a SlingBox PRO-HD for remote watching/listening. At this point, there is nothing else that I want to do, that I did with the DISH 722K.

The bottom line, for me anyway, is I am spending less money for entertainment and getting what I want. Certainly not everybody has the exact same needs/desires/capabilities. For example, I only have DSL internet service at about 24 Mbps. If I didn't have that, Sony PS Vue. Some people can't easily get terrestrial TV signals. That, too, is a game changer. Everybody's situations is different.
I dumped cable about three years ago I started with some basic "rabbit ears" antennas about 2 years ago. Since then, it's been an odyssey of parts, cables, converters and the like, for OTA, plus various streaming services.

I have two sets of rabbit ears, and at some point I'll replace the cabling in my attic and basement so I can properly hook-up my attic-mounted OTA antenna. I have a cheap Chinese-made directional antenna, but I'm close enough to Atlanta that it does a reasonable job at picking up UHF and VHF-Hi stations.

You appear to have fairly weak signals coming from multiple directions, except for a couple of strong ones almost due east and one to the northeast, all independent/religious networks from the look of it. Your only other reliable signal directions are south and southwest, and those are much weaker than the others. However, it's to the south that the majority your network affiliates are located, and those signals are fairly weak.

So, I'm not an expert, but I don't see an option for you that doesn't involve a reasonably large directional antenna. It may even require two with either a switch or a signal combiner. If I were you, I'd hit Wikipedia and see which of those close-by stations you really want/can't live without. Once you know which stations you can't live without, we'll be better able to assist you with getting your setup together, and the antenna experts can chime in with various options.

Now for streaming, I have Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, (free to T-Mobile customers if you had signed up during the week of Opening Day!), Crackle (free with ads, minimal selection), and SlingTV for my "cable" channels. All of that on a temperamental 28Mbps AT&T Uverse DSL broadband (I'd have Comcast, but I don't want to pay their prices and deal with the constant billing errors). SlingTV gets me access to ESPN and ESPN2. For $5/month, I can get all the ESPN channels, including SEC Network (and I think B1G Ten Network, but who cares about that? AmIRite?). I will probably sign up for the NHL app this fall (I never get to see the Redwings in Atlanta).


You may or may not get OTA reception

Depending on where you live, you may not get OTA reception at all. Do you know of anyone else in your town who uses an antenna? This link below might help you decide which sort of antenna to buy. Mind you, a similar calculator showed me I was in range of all major networks, and I got nothing but a couple of Korean stations. Not to discourage you, just be aware. I still cut the cord and haven't regretted it.