Need help figuring out how to record with new comcast DTA...


Hey guys,

I am not having a good time trying to figure this out.
Right now I have regular basic comcast and I have a regular old hauppauge dual tuner capture card. I have this installed in a pc that connects to my tv via VGA and I have a sweet gyration remote all in windows 7, life is good! I have everything working exactly how I want and it is very easy and enjoyable!

But now comcast is makin me use these DTA boxes (DCI 1011COM) and doing so renders my entire setup useless! :(

I really just want to be able to have my setup function in the same way, but I don't know how to do that with these new DTA boxes, so this is why I am seeking help from you much more knowledgeable individuals. Is it possible to maybe just buy an upgraded capture card that is compatible with this comcast voodoo and I will be sitting pretty once more? What are my options? Thanks very much for taking the time to help me out. :)


DTAs in most areas do not yet engage privacy mode. Until privacy mode is engaged, everything the DTA can receive, you can receive on your own QAM tuner. So you would just need a Hauppauge tuner card that has a QAM tuner, and don't use the DTA at all. Even after privacy mode is engaged, this solution will still get you all the basic service (typically just local over-the-air broadcast channels).

With regard to other scenarios, it is important to understand the legal rights provided to you by the government: Consumers have the right to use their own host devices for subscription television service as long as those devices comply with published standards for separable security. (There are exceptions -- most notably, DirecTV and Dish Network have been given a durable waiver from compliance with the law, and so they can, and have, blocked you from using your own equipment.)

I suspect that your old Hauppauge tuner card is non-compliant. In looking for a compliant replacement, look for a CableCARD-compatible tuner card. I know of two such tuner cards for computers: (Of, there are also stand-alone, non-computer-based solutions.)

I hope this helps.