Need Help Identifying these strange Vintage 3D LCD Glasses



I need help identifying these glasses. Guessing from the collection of old electronics they came from I'm guessing their from 1975-1995. There are no model numbers on them at all. Only the Made in China on the inside brim and "3D TV Liquid Crystal Glasses" written on outside. When you wear them they make LCD monitors turn dark to black at the right angle. And its only LCD's that change color, everything else is the same. The connector coming from it looks like a 1/4 mini jack.



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I don't know where to begin, to be honest. My best guess would be that they are shutter glasses and need to be plugged into a device to work, but that's just a guess.


My guess would be the remains of a 1st/2nd/3rd or later generation Virtual reality 3D glasses/goggles. I remember paying $5 back in the 90's and having to wear something similar, and heavy to some degree. But the band above the eye area suggests that thought to me.

The setup looks better than these ( [video=youtube;6PigS9s0dHc][/video] ) Sega Genesis / Super NES goggles made back in 1993. So, I'm guessing what you have is newer than 1993! I'm guessing 1997, but I can't be sure. It does look like they may be better looking if I could see it 1st hand. Is there another connector on it?
they are active shutter glasses from a computer display probably around 1994-1995. I had a very similar pair for Unreal Tournament #1 and they lugged directly into your monitr and basically added a depth to the monitor. I remember they made it somewhat distorted and dark, but in the 90's it couldn't have been much more exciting, and I paired them with a joystick for maximum gaming style.