Need help installing Converter Box



Installed a RCA Digital TV converter, I cannot turn on TV with remote control. I can turn it on at the TV set. I am installing through a dvd recorder. Also there seem to be no way to use RF coaxial cable as the instructions suggest. The set is a Sharp I bought in 2005. Is that a problem?


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Here is a link for the User's Manual:

Have you tried all the codes for Sharp TVs? Sharp Codes are: 005, 021, 071, 085, 087, 092, 128, 183, 208, 274, 298

1. Refer to the Program Code at the last page of this booklet. Look for the brand of your TV set and a 3-digit program code next to it. There may be more than one program code available. Choose any one of them.

2. Press PGM on the remote control. The signal indicator on it remains lit.

3. Enter the 3-digit program code with the number keys. Press OK for conrmation. The signal indicator will be off when the program is done.

4. Press the volume keys on this remote control to check if they can adjust the volume of your TV set.
• If you fail to control your TV set, repeat steps 2 to 4 to program again. Try another program code if there is more than one for your TV brand.
• If the signal indicator remains lit after blinking four times, you may have entered the wrong code. Repeat steps 3 to 4 to program again. Make sure you have correctly entered the code.
• You can still use your TV remote control to turn on your TV set, select input source and control the volume.
What brand and model of DVD recorder are you using?