Need Help Removing Roku App Blacklisting - XFinity

Yesterday I called in to report my results after being asked to see if the bugs I reported appear on a different Roku device. I had an old Premiere+ lying around, so after confirming that there were the same bugs, I called tech support to report it. Instead of transferring me to the Stream app team, the woman's actions resulted in my Roku being blacklisted from using the Stream app (or channel as Roku calls them). I need to have my Streaming Stick whitelisted again because I can't hang a box off the wall forever and level 3 support hasn't been able to fix it.

The app keeps saying that I'm on public WiFi and not my home's when it isn't and gives the error createDrmSession.403-102. I've tried all the suggestions here and on Reddit (what difference using a DDNS service makes I don't know) and even reset the stick twice, completely removing and adding it to my Roku account.

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