Need help with antenna selection


I am looking to install an antenna in my attic. I have no obstructions.

This is the information i got from antennaweb.

* yellow, uhf, KSAS-DT 24.1 FOX, 12°, 27.6 miles, RF Channel 26
* yellow, vhf, KAKE-DT 10.1 ABC, 11°, 27.7 miles, RF Channel 10
* yellow, uhf, KSNW-DT 3.1 NBC, 11°, 27.3 miles, RF Channel 45
* lt green, vhf, KWCH-DT 12.1 CBS, 348°, 46.4 miles, RF Channel 12

Does anybody have any recommendations for an attic antenna that i can recieve HD signals with?

Thanks for your time.



Please consider these two:

AntennaCraft HBU-33
Winegard HD-7694P

They're about the same width -- just shy of three feet -- but at 85 inches, the HBU-33 is 20 inches longer than the 7694. That may be a consideration if attic dimensions and/or orientation make proper aiming difficult with the longer boom.

Please be aware that an attic antenna cannot work well when aimed through ventilation ducts; foil insulation; radiant roof barriers; or aluminum, brick, stone or stucco siding. Aiming through a standard, asphalt-shingles-over-a-wood-deck roof is OK.

With the aid of a compass, point the antenna due north for best results.


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Greetings Rusco welcome to the Forum :welcome:

Both of Don's recommendations would be a good choice, however, I would favor the HBU-33.
I say that because I believe it has a better chance of shooting through your Roofing Material.

Just FYI, here's some links which may give you some ideas as to how to mount it...
Attic Mount for TV Antenna
Hanging Mount for Antenna

The only other things you need to consider are...
Mount it as high up in the peak of your Roofline as proper mounting and aiming will permit.
Keep it away from any Metal or Electrical Wiring/Components, and...

It would be nice if you were to furnish us with a more complete report on your Reception Requirements.
If you don't mind, please give us a link to your TV Fool Chart.

If you don't know how to find and post that, please click on the first link in my Signature below, and see the LookUp and Posting Instructions for that.

Have a good Day ! :)


Your TV Fool information looks great, and you should not have a lot of issues, except for the ones that DonM pointed out. I normally don't recommend attic installations, but your signal levels are most likely high enough to work fairly well. Don has you covered, and you should not have many problems with an attic install in your situation. Good Luck !!


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Now having seen Rusco's chart, I'm having some reservations about the HBU-33.
I think it only has a Beamwidth of about 30°, and Rusco's Channels have a spread of 28°.
Could that be cutting it a little too close ?
Is there a Multi-Directional Antenna, that would better capture that spread ?
What about a HBU-22 ?

Have a good Day ! :)


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The HBU22 has according to the specs a wider VHF and narrower UHF than the 7694P, but Antenna Craft (HBU22) only gives specs across the whole band. Considering both of these are based on old channels, I would say just as the Winegard (7694P) shows, it's narrower on higher UHF and would assume the HBU22 is the same, narrower on the high UHFs.

I would say with one TV and 50 ft or less of RG6 cable, no amp. The only reservation I have and there is no easy solution or way to know, is if wind driven mulitpath on all these wide beam width antennas. The chances are low, as it seems to be worse in the east coast forested areas.

I would take the chance on the HBU22 and no amp if the cable is less than 50 ft.

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