Need help with DSS (DishNet and DirecTV) OTA antenna testing



Im good with the usual design/test of telecom, GPS, SDARS, passive and active antennas, Now Im trying to see if a center fed motorized dish in a radome (18" marine dish) really works for DTV and DN. So I went and purchased a DTV SL5 (4 outputs/3LNBs) for an old DTV receiver. And purchased a DN elliptical dish with a large housing LNB with 2 outputs. I cant get a home page for anything. I do lock into the signals using a DSM1462 and the Sencore SLM-1475 but we dont get any modulation or data streams. Now,can someone tell me the best way to get home page (non subscribed boxes)just to make sure the antennas are working right? A basic test, what sat and transponder, etc for each provider? Im at zip 33172 in case you can also provide the EL/AZ info. I assume both providers are sending CP signals so no linear adjustments are needed. Any help greatly appreciated. (I will register in this forum tonight)
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