need help with expired coupons

I've recieved my coupons several months ago and every store i went to that had the converter boxes said they weren't excepting the coupons even if they had the ones with the government coupon sticker on the box and every store that was excepting them said they were out now my coupons has expired and i don't know what to do but i really need an converter box


Since you waited too late, there's nothing left to do but pay full price for a converter box.

Look on eBay for a known box that works well, like Zenith, Artec or DTV Pal brands. Avoid Magnavox & RCA brands. Many of those are junk.
eBay or craigslist like Eureka said has converter boxes. I've been looking for the last few weeks, and the average price for popular converters has been around $25, which means you'll be able to pick up a used converter box for almost the same price as a new one minus the coupon.