Need Help With Finding The Best Electronic Gift Ideas This Season?

Electronic gifts can be one of two things: awesome or terrible. It all comes down to knowing what you are looking for, what is popular, and what is truly the best electronic gift idea for 2013. This short list might not be all inclusive, but it does offer a lot when it comes to getting the most bang for your buck and making sure that your gift is a hit.
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Roku 3
It seems like the Roku 3 has been brought up a lot here, but that is for a very good reason once you think about how incredible they are. Netflix, Hulu, Vimeo, Amazon, HBO, Disney, ESPN, MSNBC, and 1000 other channels are easily available and can bring all kinds of streaming content to your television without having to have any kind of previous technical knowledge. This is a company that is absolutely blowing up and has a lot of fan power behind it. It is also extremely affordable considering what you can do with this tiny box.

Amazon Kindle Fire HDX
This is the third generation of Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablet line. As it happens, these are also the first tablets that Amazon was pleased with at launch, which should say something about this tablet. Many companies put out a tablet and then start updating it immediately to fix problems, but Amazon has actually released a product that is really ready to go at the start. The Amazon Kindle Fire HDX allows you to use all of the famous apps that Amazon makes available in the Amazon App Store.

Playstation 4
The Playstation 4 is the newest offering from Sony and is proving to be a powerhouse when it comes to next gen consoles. The Playstation 4 might look a lot like an old Playstation 2, but the inside is far different. It uses a version of the familiar controller everyone knows and loves, but also features all kinds of apps that turn it into a powerful media center that is a force to be reckoned with.

Occulus Rift Development Kit
This is $300 right now and is supposed to be for game developers, but as a consumer, this is a unique kind of game system that gives users a 3D, surround visual experience that puts you into the middle of the game and is entirely one of a kind. This Virtual Reality headset is scheduled for a 2014 release, but you can give it to a loved one this Christmas. If you need any further proof, just check out one of the many videos of people reacting to the almost believable world that is projected in front of their eyes. There are a lot of bugs to be worked out, but by the time the final product launches, you’ll be well acquainted with the ins and outs.

Honorable Mentions
There are plenty of other great gadgets out there, just to name a few quickly:
-Kindle Paperwhite
-Xbox One
-Nintendo Wii U
-iPhone 5s
-Nike Fuelband SE