Question: Need Help with OTA Channels - TV keeps resetting itself


My sister has a newer flat screen TV (about 3 or 4 years old). I bought her an indoor antenna today and after hooking it up, she did a scan for channels and the TV found five (which is what it should have found). However, for some reason, it keeps losing the channels. Now when she scans, it can't find them.

We live in a very rural area but I know that there are transmitters nearby for these five channels. Any idea why the TV keeps losing them?

Also, we are wondering if an outdoor, rooftop antenna would provide better, more consistent reception. If so, what should we look for in a rooftop antenna? (FYI - she lives in La Grande, OR).

Thanks for your help.


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An outdoor antenna might help, depending on which stations they are you're trying to receive. Can you share some insight on which local stations those are? I only count three in your area.

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I'm not really sure about all of the channels. I know today we had CBS, OPB & Fox but the channel set-up found five. I know someone who is using the same antenna that I bought (I believe it is made by RCA - it's just a flat square) and she gets five channels.


It looks like an outdoor VHF / UHF antenna will be your minimum option, and due to the placement of the transmitters in different locations, An antenna rotor MAY be needed also. The TV FOOL data indicates the all of the signals in your area have at least 2 obstructions such as mountain peaks, or some other natural objects in the path of the signals.

My first suggestion would be to see if anyone in your area does professional antenna installations such as the Direc TV or Dish network installers. Some of these companies do antenna installations along with the Dish installs. Ask them if they install antennas, and if so, how much success have previous customers had in receiving the channels you seek.

Just because you do not have optimum TV FOOL data does not mean that these channels cannot be received reliably, but it does mean that some extra steps may be needed to receive satisfactory results. I have a few 2 edge low energy signals in my area that are receivable using outdoor antennas, but they are only intermittently received using an indoor antenna. Good Luck with this effort !!
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I just did a quick lookup on general La Grande Zip Code, and set the height at 15'.
You might get more informative results, if you were to go back to TVFool, put your exact address in, and maybe play with the Height.

Try 20' and 50' and see if it will help any. At least you'd have some reasonable knowledge of what it will take, before you call in the Pros as FOX suggests.

Have a good Day ! :)

PS: If you're not acquainted with how to do that, just click on the first link below my signature, and follow the LookUp and Posting Instructions.
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Thanks for all the help. I am going to see what kind of service might be available in this area to install an antenna. It doesn't seem like something my sister and I can do ourselves.


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Do try TVFool with a more exact address, and a 50' antenna height. I know that in rural and hilly areas, the zip method can be off. My zip code puts me in the mountain 5 miles east...


I recently switched from DISH to OTA. The numbers 1, 4, and 7 on my remote channel selector seem to be dead. Any ideas why ?


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I recently switched from DISH to OTA. The numbers 1, 4, and 7 on my remote channel selector seem to be dead. Any ideas why ?
Are you using the remote for the TV or the remote from DISH? Have you tried changing the batteries in the remote? If it's been in a drawer for several years the batteries may be low. If that doesn't work, you may need to replace the original TV remote with a universal remote.

Good Luck,

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