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We want to give up Direct TV, we have would like to connect at least 2 tv's to a outdoor antenna, but more would be nice. We would like to put the antenna on the south side of the house where the old dish or Direct TV satellite are, but they are only about 6 or 7 feet above the ground. Also there is a tree that may block the antennas reception to the south at this location. Would we wont to put the antenna higher up on the roof or in the attic. We wont to get K41GQ-D, K43GR-D, K47HW-D, K49FS-D, KCVB-CD, K30KI-D, and basically abc, nbc, cbs, fox, and all the basic channels from Salt Lake City. What do you think we need to get the best reception?


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Hi cav,

Mr. Pogi lives very close to you and has done a bunch of installations in your area, so he is probably the man with the best info. It looks like the translators and stations to the south of you are all UHF, so you will want a medium strength UHF antenna to receive them. A 4 bay bow-tie should work nicely. Higher is always better for LOS installations but your current mount may be fine. Is the tree directly south of the Dish mount, if so you may be able to aim around it since the translators are to the southwest.



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Welcome, CAV!

It looks like you are east of my location. Getting the signal from Mt Pisgah to the SW should be no problem. The channels you see to the West are mostly translators for Franklin County that are repeaters of what you're going to get from Pisgah, and they are very directional so you may not even get them. However, you do have our 2 local low power channels there, channel 8 (KUTA) and 39 (KJDN).

Here's what I'm going to suggest: A UHF only antenna pointed to the translators on Pisgah. Move your Dish mount as high as you can, and use it to mount your antenna. Get that set up, and you'll get about 20+ channels. Later you can add a west facing antenna for 39 and 8 if you want them.

As for a specific antenna, there a a few good choices, but I'd like to discuss your location in detail first. If you go to my profile you can send me a PM, and we can discuss your situation further. Also if you click on the logo in my signature you can check out my blog for more TV info in the valley.

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