Need help with reception in Wilmington, NC


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We recently moved from Charlotte, NC to Wilmington, NC. I cut the cable/dish cord years ago in Charlotte and we had a nice variety of channels with out antenna that was mounted on the roof. We used the existing dish mount and just swapped out with an antenna (AntennaCraft HBU22 70 Boom HBU Series Antenna for UHF and High-Band VHF). We had great reception with that antenna thanks to the suggestions found here.

Our new house in Wilmington doesn't have a pre-existing dish on the roof. It is located on the north side of the house and is installed on a pole about four feet from ground level. Here is a link to my tvfool signal analysis:

Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated. Football season is around the corner and I need to figure something out.
You're actually in pretty good shape for using an indoor antenna for a lot of your channels, although an attic-mount or roof-mount would be better. You have all four major networks (including a low-power repeater) at about 290 degrees (magnetic), and PBS is only about 20 degrees off that. A set of rabbit ears or a leaf antenna would likely pick up all four major networks, and would likely pick up many other stations in the area. I happen to have two that I've recently decommissioned if you want them.

Your antenna is highly directional, and you have stations in two general directions. If you're looking to pick up a large number of stations, you might actually want to look at a large omni-directional antenna rather than your current unit, or at an 8-bay "bowtie" antenna that can be pointed in two directions.

You ran your TV Fool for 4 feet, which is the height of your dish mount. If you can, see what it would look like for the height of your attic or, if you feel you can properly mount and ground the antenna, for your roof. You probably have a lot more reception potential than what your TV Fool shows.